Option front, slightly higher friction, can be harder on rotors when cold, slightly longer wearing.

Average µ


Base Material

Semi – Metallic

Ideal Temp Range

200 – 900 C ( 350 – 600 C Avg )


Endurance Race, Front Axle, Medium µ

Rotor Wear

High, Moderate

Average µ Group


RS1.1 was developed to offer about 5-10% higher mu versus the baseline RS1 friction material when subjected to elevated rotor temperatures. The mu profile of RS1.1 is progressive and very similar to the characteristics of the RS1 material. RS1.1 does maintain the excellent wear resistance characteristics of the RS1 compound. The RS1.1 should only be used if the RS1 friction material shows performance loss on a specific application due to higher brake demand.

Pad Comparison Chart