Standard front, very flat medium friction curve, easy to bed, easy on rotors.

Average µ


Base Material

Semi – Metallic

Ideal Temp Range

200 – 800 C ( 350 – 550 C Avg )


Endurance Race, Front or Rear Axle, Medium µ

Rotor Wear

Low, Moderate

Average µ Group


RS1 offers good confidence upon initial brake application with a slightly progressive mu curve which makes it very easy and predictable to drive on. The RS1 material has a very high level of wear resistance and shows very little to any performance degradation through the life of the material. RS1 is extremely user-friendly, requiring a very minimal break in to reach optimum working friction levels and performance. The consistent performance, low wear characteristics, and usability of the RS1 material make it the most versatile material in the entire Friction-One range.

Pad Comparison Chart