Option rear, slight rise in friction curve with temp, good match for RS1.1 easy to bed, easy on rotors

Base Material

Semi – Metallic

Average µ


Ideal Temp Range

150 – 700 C ( 200 – 500 C Avg )

Rotor Wear



Low µ, Medium µ, Rear Axle, Sprint Race

Average µ Group


The RS2.1 friction material offers even lower mu levels compared to RS2. RS2.1 offers a digressive mu profile where the friction coefficient reduces with temperature and pressure. The digressive mu profile allows the driver to brake with confidence without engaging the rear ABS under lockup. The RS2.1 compound should be used in the rear if severe ABS engagement or rear axle lockup is experienced with the RS2 compound. RS2.1 has improved wear resistance over the RS2 compound making it suitable for endurance races when paired with the RS1 or RS1.1 materials.

Pad Comparison Chart